OAT 34th Annual Show & Competition

June 22nd - 24th, 2017
Carey Foster Hall - Crook County Fairgrounds - Prineville, OR


Ray Hatfield - Mammals
Casey Waterson - Birds/Fish/Reptiles

Award Winners

"Judges Choice Best of Show - Breakthrough Award" Josh Bryan - Pronghorn
Wasco "Most Artistic Entry Award" Cody Benge - Blacktail
Mounted In Alaska "Lifesize That Tells a Story" Joe Hitz - Beaver
"Taxidermists' Choice Best of Show - Burley Bob Kick Ass Mount" Josh Bryan - Blacktail
Van Dyke's "Most Original & Creative Award" Leon Mathews - Pintail Group
United Taxidermists Association "Artisan Award" Seth Lane - Pintail
"Highest Scoring Masters" Josh Bryan - Blacktail (95)
"Highest Scoring Open" Kiernan Hull - Axis Deer (94)
"Highest Scoring Novice" Jesse Pappas - Badger (85)
Research Mannikins "Best Gamehead" Josh Bryan - Blacktail (95)
McKenzie "Best Bird Award" Leon Mathews - Gadwall
McKenzie "Best Lifesize" Tim Tuttle - Mountain Lion
McKenzie "Best Whitetail" Jory Hearne
McKenzie "Best Fish" Allen Burril - Bluegill
"People's Choice" Tim Tuttle - Mountain Lion
OHA "Spouses' Choice" Cody Benge - Leopard
"Collective Artist" Tim McLagan, Steve Birchum & Justin Hicks - Elk
"Best Habitat" Cody Benge - Blacktail
Polytranspar Award" Allen Burril - Bluegill
"Horizon Award - Mick Cox & Bill Martin Memorial" Tejay Elliot - Springfield, OR
National Wild Turkey Federation "Best Upland Bird" Alan Norton - Sharptwqil Grouse
Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation "Best Elk" Tejay Elliot
Oregon Hunters Association "Best Deer" Josh Bryan - Blacktail
Ducks Unlimited "Best Waterfowl" Leon Mathews - Pintail (on right)
Gary Lewis Outdoors "Best Predator" Tim Tuttle - Mountain Lion
Crescent Lake Resort "Best Exotic" Kiernan Hull - Axis Deer
Predawn Adventures "Best Novice" Jesse Pappas
"Distinguished Service Award" Leon Mathews
"Challenge - Any Snake" Joe Hitz - Rattlesnake
"Challenge - Bear Head/shouklder/half" Curran Manzer
"Challenge - Any Teal" Seth Lane - Bluewing/Cinnamon Hybrid
"Challenge - Steelhead" No Entry
"Overall Challenge Winner" Seth Lane
"3-Hour Deer Challenge" Josh Bryan

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About Us

The Oregon Association of Taxidermy has been providing taxidermy education for Wetern States artists since 1983. We strive to increase public awareness of the ever-increasing possibilities created in the imaginations of our experienced members.

Show Info

Our Annual Show is our showcase for our artists' great work. Members can enter their work to be professionally judged for several awards in every category.

Our Work

Our artists create memorable taxidermy mounts and replicas - both professionals and hobbyists. The main showcase for our work is the Annual OAT Competition and Show. The images here are from those shows.


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We welcome taxidermists of all skill levels to join our Association. You can sign up online or at our Annual Show.

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