How to Join the OAT

Membership in the OAT is required to compete at the annual show. We strive to help our members grow as taxidermists by providing educational opportunities and lasting relationships. Simple click on the membership form below, fill it out, and return it to the address on the form with a check - OR - just bring it to the next show.

Our goal is to promote a high standard in the art and science of taxidermy, encouraging the constructive and positive exchange of ideas and techniques amongst its members and guests to better the individual and the industry as a whole without loosing sight of having fun and treating people with respect and kindness. Creating an environment where anybody can ask anyone questions and feel comfortable doing so. The Oregon Association of Taxidermists is an association where you come to the show a stranger and you drive home knowing that you are now part of the family.

OAT Show Registration Form (.pdf, 78k)

About Us

The Oregon Association of Taxidermy has been providing taxidermy education for Wetern States artists since 1983. We strive to increase public awareness of the ever-increasing possibilities created in the imaginations of our experienced members.

Show Info

Our Annual Show is our showcase for our artists' great work. Members can enter their work to be professionally judged for several awards in every category.

Our Work

Our artists create memorable taxidermy mounts and replicas - both professionals and hobbyists. The main showcase for our work is the Annual OAT Competition and Show. The images here are from those shows.


Check here for our newsletter with our President's message, upcoming event info, award postings, and other important information.


We welcome taxidermists of all skill levels to join our Association. You can sign up online or at our Annual Show.

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