OAT 36th Annual Show & Competition

UPDATED 1/8/19

Thursday, June 20th thru Saturday, 22nd, 2019
Carey Foster Hall - Crook County Fairgrounds - Prineville, OR
Open To The Public:
Friday, June 21st 10:00AM TO 3:30PM and Saturday, JUNE 22nd 9:00am to 3:30pm

The Annual Show is our showcase for our artists' great work. Members can enter their work to be professionally judged for awards and cash prizes in many categories. Interactive seminars will be available to help increase knowledge of various taxidermy techniques and industry advancements.


Tracy Jacobsen - Mammals
Scott Humble - Birds/Fish/Reptiles


To be announced soon

3-Hour Taxidermy Challenge

Friday Night after the potluck BBQ. Bring a prepped hide or skin, preppeed mannikin, a mounting stand (if needed), and all your supplies. You can mount anything you want: deer, bird, reptile, etc. (no fish). $20 entry fee. Judges will pick the best mount for a special prize.

Special Awards

  • Best in Show - trophy and $100 cash from OAT awarded to the judges’ choice best in show
  • Breakthrough Award - trophy and $100 gift certificate from Breakthrough Magazine
  • Best All-Around Taxidermist - trophy and $100 cash for the the highest combined score with a gamehead, lifesize, bird, and fish/reptile. Other restrictions apply.
  • Research Mannikins Best Gamehead - trophy and $200 Merchandise Certificate
  • OHA Highest Scoring Masters - $100 cash from OAT
  • OHA Highest Scoring Open - $100 cash fom OAT
  • OHA Highest Scoring Youth - $50 cash from OAT
    (Highest scoring awards presented by the Oregon Hunters Association - Bend Chapter)
  • Best Kick-Ass Mount - trophy awarded to the taxidermists’ choice
  • Wasco Award - trophy to the most artistic entry
  • Van Dyke's Most Original and Creative - awarded to judges' choice
  • United Taxidermist Association Artisan Award - trophy to the taxidermists' choice for most artistic entry
  • Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Best Elk - trophy awarded to the RMEF choice
  • Mule Deer Foundation Best Mule Deer - trophy awarded to the MDF choice
  • Duck’s Unlimited Best Waterfowl - trophy awarded to the DU choice
  • Gary Lewis Outdoors Best Predator - trophy awarded to the GLO choice
  • National Wild Turkey Foundation Best Bird - trophy awarded to the NWTF choice
  • Crescent Lake Lodge Best Exotic - trophy awarded to the CLL choice
  • Challenge Categories: Reptile- Any Lizard, Mammal - Any Exotic, Bird- Any Diver Duck, Fish- Steelhead - trophy awrded to the judges' choice. Overall Challenge Winner also awarded a special prize. See new rules on homepage or in the Categories section below!
  • Collective Artist - trophy awarded to the judges’ choice.

All awards subject to change. More awards pending.

2019 Show Schedule (draft)

  Thursday, June 20
12:00p Show set-up (your help is needed)
3:00p - 8:00p Registration & competition entries accepted
3:00p - 8:00p Open workshop
8:00p Board member meeting
  Friday, June 21
8:00a - 10:00a Registration & competition entries accepted
9:00a Meeting of officers and judges
10:00a Registration closes and judging begins
10:00a - 12:00p Seminar - TBA
10:00a - 3:30p Open to the public
1:00p - 3:00p Seminar - TBA
4:00p OAT general membership meeting (please attend)
5:00p OAT BBQ and potluck (open to all)
7:00p 3-Hour Taxidermy Challenge begins
  Saturday June 22
8:00a - 3:30p Receive score sheet at registration desk
8:00a - 1:00p Individual critiques with judges - by signup
9:00a - 3:30p Open to the public
9:00a - 2:00p Seminar - TBA
1:00p - 3:00p Open critiques from judges
4:00p - 5:00p Show break-down and banquet set-up (all mounts removed at this time)
5:00p-6:00p Happy hour
6:00p OAT awards banquet, raffle, and auction

Accomodation Information

The Crook County Fairgrounds is just off Hwy 126 (S Main St.) in downtown Prineville - in the center of Oregon. Nearby accommodations include:
Stafford Inn (541) 447-7100, Best Western Prineville Inn (541) 447-8080, Econo Lodge (541) 447-6231.
The Crook County RV Park is just outside the entrance to the Fairgrounds - (541) 447-2599.
Tent camping is located at the Ochoco Lake County Campground - (541) 447-1209.

Additional info posted as available

Complete Package $140 (required to compete). Click below to open a print copy of the current registration/pricelist.
Pre-register to be entered for a door prize.

2018 OAT Show Registration Form (.pdf, 86k)

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Categories/ Divisions:


MASTERS: This division is open to anyone who has completed the requirements for this program (see below), either in Oregon or another state. With the most critical judging, you will be learning how to fine tune your work.
OPEN: This division is open to anyone wishing to enter who hasn’t moved up to masters. The work is not judged as tough as the masters division as the division is designed to provide a learning experience through critique.
NOVICE: This division is open to anyone wishing to enter who hasn’t moved up to masters. Designed for people new to taxidermy and/or competition, the division is geared as an entry-level learning tool. Competitors will not receive a full critique.
YOUTH: This division is open to anyone 17 years of age and younger who hasn’t moved up to masters. Similar to the Novice Division, competitors will not receive a full critique.

MASTERS PROGRAM: Points for Master ranking will be gained in the open division: 3 points for a blue, 2 points for a red, 1 point for a white, 1 point for a best of category. Members will need 16 points and 4 blue ribbons to attain the Masters Division. You will be required to compete in the Masters division from that time forward, IN THAT CATEGORY ONLY. A Master or Award of Excellence winner will be required to compete as a Master in Oregon and win 1 blue ribbon before they are awarded a plaque. Any competitor may compete in the Master Division with board approval but will only be awarded a master plaque when the required points are earned. Once you enter the Master Divison in a Category, you may no longer enter the Open Division in that Category.

Deer Heads, Game Heads Antlered (other than deer), Game Heads Horned, Game Heads Other (pig, bear, etc.)
Large Lifesize (larger than a coyote), Small Lifesize (coyote or smaller)
Waterfowl, Bird Upland/ Other
Fish Skin Mount, Fish Reproduction
Novelty/ Freeze Dried
Collective Artists

Challenge Categories:
4 categories (mammal, bird, fish, reptile) choosen by the previous year's winner.
Mounts may be entered into a Challenge Category in addition to the Open or Masters (no Youth or Novice) for a special entry fee. The mounts are eligible for other awards and will earn points towards other programs. Judging will be performed from 5 feet (no touching or flashlights) by all judges. A winner is chosen for each individual challenge category. The judges will also choose a best overall challenge winner that will receive a special prize.
The winner of each Challenge will choose the following year's specimen but may not repeat the one they just won.

Collective Artists:
This Category is for pieces built by more than one artist
A mount with multiple specimens will be judged as a single piece. This is judged from 5 feet (no touching or flashlights). This Category requires a special entry fee and does not earn points towards any program nor is it eligible for any other awards. Only one member of the collective needs be present to enter.

All-Around Taxidermist:
Highest combined score with a gamehead, lifesize, bird, and fish/reptile.
To be considered for All-Around Taxidermist, the competitor must choose their pieces at registration and earn at leat two blue ribbons (score of 90 or better) on their chosen pieces.


Multiple first, second, and third place ribbons will be awarded in all divisions.
Best of Categories will be issued in the Open and Masters divisions. Specimen must score 90 or better.
Highest Scoring Masters/Open/Novice/Youth as determined by the judges.
Judges Choice "Breakthrough" is selected by the judges collectively for Best of Show. Judges are not bound by score and will consider the mounts overall merit.
Wasco Award is selected by the judges collectively for the most artistic entry. The criteria used are 1. Exhibition of Taxidermy 2. Creativity 3. Artistic Merit.
UTA Artisan Award is selected by the registered taxidermists in attendance at the show by secret ballot.
Taxidermists' Choice "Best Kick-Ass Mount" is selected by the registered taxidermists in attendance at the show by secret ballot.
Van Dyke's Award is selected by the judges collectively for the most original and creative entry.
People's Choice is selected by the attending general public by secret ballot.
Spouses' Choice is selected by the attending spouses of the competitors by secret ballot.
Research Mannikins Best Gamehed is awarded to the deerhead with the highest score in the Open or Masters Divisions. The contestant must declare that they used a Research form at registration.
Taxidermist Challenge is awarded to the judges choice in each challenge. This requires a special entry fee which will be split by the Overall Challenge Winner.
Collective Artists is for pieces built by more than one taxidermist. This category also requires a special entry fee and does not gain points towards any program.
All-Around Taxidermist is awarded to the competitor who has the highest cumulative score on the required pieces, but MUST have also be awarded 2 blue ribbons. Competitor must have a lifesize, game head, fish or reptile, and a bird. The pieces used towards the All-Around must be chosen at registration time.
Horizon Award is issued to the taxidermist who reflects the association's values and work ethic choosen by the board.
Best Habitat as determined by the judges.

Cash bonuses TBD

Sponsored Awards are awarded at the sponsor's discretion. The rules and regulations for any company sponsored awards will be set by the companies that sponsor them.

All awards subject to change without notice


Complete Package... $130 (required to compete)
OAT Annual Membership
2 mount entries (in seperate categories)
1 admission to all seminars
1 adult banquet ticket

Annual Membership Fee Only (not competing at show)... $50

Additional Competition Entries... $10 each

Challenge/Collective Artist Entries... $20 each

Seminars Only... $25 each

Non-Member Seminars... $35 each

Banquet Tickets:
Adults... $30 each
Under 12... $15 each

General Rules:

  1. To be eligible to enter, competitors must be OAT members in good standing.
  2. A competition pckage is required to compete unless a Life Member.
  3. Entry may not be worked on by anyone other than the member listed on the entry form.
  4. Entry must be checked-in and positioned by 10:00am on the specified day.
  5. The OAT competition committee will resolve any questions arising from the OAT competition and their decision will be final.
  6. The OAT competition committee reserves the right to restrict from open viewing any entry deemed inappropriate or detrimental to the image of taxidermy, hunting, fishing, trapping, or any other outdoor related activity. All such entries will be judged privately.
  7. Any infraction of an OAT rule will result in disqualification of the entry and forfeiture of any awards won by that entry. Registration and entry fees will not be refunded.
  8. The OAT shall not be responsible for any mounts entered in the competition under any circumstances.
  9. Crossing divisions is not allowed. Example: A competitor may not enter a deer head in the open division and another in the masters. Enteries must be in the same division if they are in the same category.
  10. The number of entries is unlimited.
  11. No mount may be entered more than once in in the OAT competition.
  12. Any entry may be ineligible, if in the opinion of the competition committee, too many of the judging criteria are hidden from view or are not included in the mount, and it is not in conjunction with another mount that is judgeable. Example: Single wood duck head coming out of a hole in a tree.
  13. Challenges and alternate judging: After reviewing their score sheet, any competitor may request alternate judging by paying a $25 challenge fee per entry and be prejudged by the OAT alternate judge. Alternate judges will not be identified until after the $25 fee is paid.
  14. The judges alone decide upon the score an entry receives. All judges have the option of changing their scores if they decide themselves in error.
  15. Competitors must specify at the time of judging if they wish for their habitat to be judged. Habitat will not affect the score of the mount and will receive a blue, red, or white ribbon.
  16. Half life size mounts will be judged on the life-size score sheets using only those criteria that apply. Criteria points that do not apply will be deducted from the maximum score and a new maximum will be determined. Entries must score in the top 10% of the new maximum for a first place, 20% for a second, and 30% for a third.
  17. Any partially grown species will be grouped with the adult animal of that species.
  18. At the time of entry, each competitor must identify the species of their mount and state whether it is a commercial manikin, altered commercial, or original manikin. Competitor must state whether recreations/ cast parts are used (whole animals, heads, beaks, feet, noses, etc) and are they original, commercial, altered, or a combination of both.
  19. All Federal and Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife laws apply. Protected species need proper permits to place with the entry. The competitor is responsible for knowing and following all such laws pertaining to protected species.
  20. Entries in cases must have removable top and sides for judging and must be removed by the competitor before the judging begins.
  21. Any names or logos that may reveal the identity of the competitor must be omitted or covered securely.
  22. Any conduct by the competitor that is deemed unsportsmanlike could result in disqualification and forfeiture of any and all OAT awards. Unruly or disruptive behavior towards judges or show officials will not be tolerated and will be asked to leave or may be barred from future competitions.
  23. The competition area will be open to both the public and competitors during judging. The competition committee retains the right to remove ANY person interfering with the judges work.
  24. If an instance arises where a judging problem occurs during the show, it will be the competition committee’s prerogative to bring in judging help.
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Our Annual Show is our showcase for our artists' great work. Members can enter their work to be professionally judged for several awards in every category.

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